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January 31, 2011

Jan’s Story

I really didn’t know where to begin this blog so I thought, just write! Thanks for reading!

My Dad recently told me about a great news piece on Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (EOAD). It aired last week on CBS Sunday Morning. If you haven’t seen it watch it here, it is heartbreaking but right on point. As I watched it I felt like I was watching my mom who as you know has EOAD. Jan Chorlton is so much like my mom: pretty, engaging, lively.  Yet when you actually speak with her the conversation makes no sense, her thoughts are jumbled, her laugh just a touch nervous, her eyes avert yours when a difficult question comes up, but through it all her kind spirit seeps through the madness. I look at my mom and always think what could have been, the fine grandmother she would have made, the confidante I lost years ago, the partner my father expected to travel the world with……. and still I love my mother dearly.

I know there are so many things in life we cannot change and must constantly remind myself that every day is a new adventure. Thanks for joining me.