I Yelled At My Mom Today

My mom was on a rampage today, restless, angry, impatient, mean to everyone around her. I usually try to humor her when she gets like this but even humor failed to bring a  smile to her face. My wonderful Aunt Nancy has been in town caring for my mom for about 10 days and was verbally abused pretty much the whole time. If you didn’t know my mom had EOAD you would throw her out of your house!

Anyway, I usually try to keep it together with her but when she was repeatedly mean to my three year old son I snapped. “Don’t you talk to my son like that! I draw the line there!” I hissed.  And she hushed up, for a few minutes anyway…..I felt very bad because it’s not her fault her mind is a mess and she is confused and angry. I don’t blame her. But my little boy doesn’t understand and the last thing I want is for him to grow up to remember his “Lita” as a mean old lady. After all this is the woman who never uttered a bad word about anybody, EVER when I was growing up. I mean it.

Dementia sucks.


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