I’m Terrified of Puke!

I should have known something was up when my daughter Clara refused her breakfast the other morning. I took her temperature but it was normal and she was perky and happy.

Skip ahead to the evening and both her and her brother are now hotter than coals on a flaming BBQ, burning up with fever! Oh no! Thus begins the dreaded sickness waiting game, will they or won’t they get worse…..and my personal phobia, will they or won’t they throw up?

Last year we had two major stomach bug incidents, one of which landed my poor son in urgent care with an IV drip for dehydration. Since then any sign of illness imparts severe dread in me, the memory of Alonzo lying pale and listless hooked up to an IV for three hours is still painful. Then two months ago both kids caught something again and it was ten, count ’em, ten days of off and on puking for my little ones…..I went through so much laundry I ran out of what I thought was an endless stash of blankets and towels.

So I stayed home from work yesterday to hopefully help the kids nip whatever it was in the bud and what do you know, they are feeling better!

Whew! Feel like I dodged a bullet!


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