I often find myself in ridiculous situations

Photo Courtesy Romleys on flickr

Take yesterday morning. I work five minutes away from my home and it took me 30 minutes to get gas on the way to work yesterday, yes 30 minutes…..

Here’s how it happened…..after finally cajoling the kids back to sleep I snuck out of my house at 7:30 to get to work. On the way I planned to get gas as the corner gas station. I pull up and realize I left my debit card on the counter at home…this place only accepts debit or cash…. cash on hand… 25 cents ( wow that will get me 1/20th of a gallon!).

I absolutely cannot return home and risk waking the kids….what kind of a crazy person would even consider that?! So I start her up and head to another station that I know accepts credit cards. I pull up and then realize they don’t take American Express which is the only card I have activated in my wallet….crap! I frantically search my wallet and find an unactivated Visa card that has been sitting there for oh I don’t know….7 months or so? I feel like I’ve struck gold! So I quickly call to activate it (thank god my cell phone is charged) but am told my phone number doesn’t match their records….oh that’s right we disconnected our home phone about 6 months ago! After several minutes I finally get someone on the line who asks me a host of questions including offering to upgrade this card to a Bank of America American Express, can you believe it? After I politely decline the offer, my card is activated and I am finally able to pump gas. As I swipe the card however, panic runs through me, is this the slippery slope I have tried to avoid with credit cards…..? The reason I don’t use ’em is I don’t want to abuse ’em, know what I mean? The day before this I took my son to the dentist and found out he has 5 cavities that need filling (I promise you we brush his teeth regularly) and that it will take three visits to fill them all at a price tag of $200-$250 for each cavity, OUCH! I’ve been up all night agonizing about how to pay for this (the dentist also does not accept American Express) and the first thought that runs through my mind as I’m pumping the gas is, “Hey, I’ll just charge it to the Visa!”. I knew activating this card was a bad idea…….

30 minutes later I finally arrive at work, only to realize I left some important paperwork at home, also on the counter. At least by this time the kids are probably up!


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