I’m channeling my grandmother’s spirit….

I’m learning to sew!

Grandma Rafi was a seamstress, among her many self-described talents, and I have been telling everyone I wanted to learn how to sew FOREVER! Well, I finally sat down and started this summer when I inherited my grandmother’s Pfaff sewing machine and had the guidance of my mother-in-law who was visiting. I’m on my fourth project so far and I must say I’m enjoying every minute of it. Once I sat down and started operating the machine memories flooded back to me…sitting beside my grandmother as she sewed me a dress, trying to stand still as she had me try on half sewn pieces (those pins hurt if you move too quickly!), and my favorite, her tugging at my waist, shoulders, chest, or ahem crotch (Grandma!)…to make the piece fit right….

Anyway I thought I didn’t know how to sew, was considering a class, but once I got my hands on the tools I felt really at ease. Maybe grandma’s Rafi’s spirit is being channeled into my hands through her sewing machine. Maybe its a reminder of simpler times or maybe the beginning of a lifelong hobby…I’ll keep you posted.


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