I ate lunch under a table

With these nuts! In my never ending quest to keep my kids occupied without TV we’ve been getting creative! Yesterday we built a hideout under the dining room table with sheets and pillows, and had a picnic lunch in there! After Clara went down for a nap Alonzo and I built a racetrack in the kitchen using some colored tape. Then we added some ramps made from books to launch the cars off of.

This kept us busy for an hour or so. Then Alonzo asked, “Can I watch The Backyardigans?”



2 Comments to “I ate lunch under a table”

  1. Good Job Ana!! We are in ‘negotiations’ about getting rid of our Dish, canceling cable, etc….I just emailed you a cool little poster about the power of play for kiddos. I printed and laminated, put on my desk at work and on the fridge. Love to you and the fam.

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