I’m losing the battle with television….

Look I like TV. I grew up on TV. I’m not someone who thinks TV is the devil. BUT I don’t want it on all the time. I don’t want my kids to wake up and immediately start figuring out what show they want to watch. I don’t want them to ask to watch TV instead of going outside and running around. So I’m going to attempt to wean us all from the TV and video games and iPhone games which my 4 year old is now addicted to. How I am going to do this is beyond me. I’m going to start planning A LOT of activities and projects and prepare to be mentally exhausted. Keeping up with the energy levels of a 2 and 4 year old is not easy!

So here are a couple of recent projects which occupied their attention for about an hour tops.

First we made terrariums. I loved these as a kid. Found a cool tutorial online at Craftzine.

Alonzo thought making a dino forest was pretty cool. Clara loved dumping the pebbles and potting soil all over the table.

We also made a giant map with large sheets paper from my office. This is a work in progress. We moved it from the kitchen to the kid’s room. This one has captured Alonzo’s attention. We can add lego houses and magna block buildings and his wooden train set. Finally getting some use out of all those toys!



4 Comments to “I’m losing the battle with television….”

  1. that’s wonderful. I’m all for cutting TV out. also, I recommend to disconnect the cable. hide all DVD’s and iphone. and let them explore being BORED. they wil soon figure out ways to amuse themselves. best. Ruth

  2. Love it! The battle with TV never ends, it just gets more mature. Here’s to winning the battle and the war! XO

  3. Yes, and I’ve now discovered the battle of the video games too. Can’t believe Alonzo gets sucked into them so easily…..arghhhhhh!

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