I am the Science Mom

I work one day a week at my son’s cooperative preschool where I also hold a job. Last year at my son’s previous school I was a fundraising parent but this year I am thankfully the Science parent! It’s actually been a pleasure to switch from an adult and money centered job to a kid and activity centered job. Yeah! I am now planning a science project a week and thought I would share some of them here since there are so many great ideas out there.

Last week we did a trash scavenger hunt.

I had three cans, blue, black, and green and hid items that belong in each category around the school. The kids paired up, one had a visual list and the other had a bag and they walked (or should I say ran) around the school frantically grabbing the items. Then we sorted them in the appropriate bins afterward. The kids LOVED it. I don’t know what it is about a scavenger hunt but it is a sure winner. I had kids ask to me hide the items over and over again so that they could find them over and over again.

A mom told me the following day that the afternoon after the project her son asked her to go outsideĀ  and there she discovered he had emptied the entire contents of their recycling bin on the lawn for her to find……..OOPS!


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