In case you’re wondering I’m the baby in the header image…..

Someone at my son’s preschool recently described me as a renaissance woman or what I like to describe as someone who excels at nothing but is pretty good at a lot of things. I guess it’s an semi-apt description of me…..

Given the chance however, I would describe myself as follows: mom to two amazing little wonders, wife of a creative, funny perfectionist, daughter of well, I’ll get to that, and a designer full of ideas but short on time. In that almost non-existent free time I help my husband with his videography business, work one morning a week at my son’s cooperative preschool where I am the science mom, cook, read crime fiction,  and try to find time to sew.

But I didn’t start this blog to extol my ridiculously busy schedule. I started it for my mom. My mother, Linda, is 62 years old and has Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  Anyone who gets Alzheimer’s Disease under the age of 65 is considered  Early Onset and truly not enough people are aware of this form of the illness. While the symptoms are similar to Late Onset AD (LOAD) the impact on a family is different because the person who has it is still in the prime of their life: working, caring for children or grandchildren, traveling… So in addition to all the things I listed above, the other thing I do is help care for my mom. She started living in an assisted living facility in July 2011 and I help feed her dinner 5 nights a week.

Thus I am “sandwich’d”, caring for both my own family and my mom. And so this blog serves three purposes: to document my own adventures along this crazy and often difficult journey,  to raise awareness about EOAD, and lastly because even though my mom forgets, she shall not be forgotten.


One Comment to “About”

  1. I’m a big Ana fan, but for her to describe herself as ” someone who excels at nothing” is completely inaccurate. She actually does everything very well and makes the rest of us look like amateurs. Sending her lots of love and can’t wait to read the next blog!

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