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February 15, 2011

I Saw a Ghost Yesterday

It was the ghost of Valentine’s future.

In the pile of mismatched socks, library books, and puzzle pieces that graces my dining room table sat a Ziploc bag of cards; I noticed them there about a week ago and assumed they were from my mother-in-law, Mary. I thought she had sent Valentines for the kids and my husband forgot to mention it. So yesterday I opened them up and was stunned to find they were signed Grandma Linda. It stopped me dead in my tracks to see they were from my mother. My mom cannot shop and can barely read these days but there in front of me were two cards with her distinctive signature addressed to my children.  It was as if the ghost of my true mom had visited to bring a little joy to my kids on Valentine’s Day.

It was beautiful.

In the end I must thank not a ghost but two angels I have for aunts. Turns out one of them bought the cards and the other coached my mom to sign them. Sometimes it’s the little things that I miss most, my mom’s handwriting, sentiments from a grandmother to her grandchildren, the thought of someone carefully selecting cards for a special occasion….

Thank you Aunt Dianne and Aunt Nancy and Happy Valentine’s Day!